What is Zorce?

Zorce uses technology rather than humans to undertake the role of a specialist recruitment agency. It's in-house developed hiring life-cycle software, virtual interview system, automated job board advertising, interactive jobseeker recommendation platform, easy to view references, vacancy or jobseeker alert function and bespoke matching algorithms make hiring staff or finding jobs far simpler.


Sounds complicated?

Zorce is easy to use, all the complicated stuff is hidden away. We've designed Zorce to be as user friendly as possible. There's also a tips button and support team that can help you along the way.


Sounds expensive?

Zorce is free to use for both the jobseeker and employer. Each has their own recruiting dashboard and online profile, whilst employers also have the ability to upload vacancies quickly using the fast text and drop-down box facility. Each vacancy is automatically uploaded on Indeed, Zorce and social media. The employer then selects the job match accuracy, using the slider. The bespoke matching algorithms then use this information to find accurate matches and alert both users when appropriate.


What's the catch?

There's no catch and no tied-in contracts. Jobseekers and employers can delete their account immediately. Employers have the option to upgrade (starting at £12 a month) if they want access to the UK's lowest multiple job board offering of £49 to advertise on Jobsite, Monster, Fish4jobs and Total Jobs, as well as Indeed and Zorce. Employers can also take advantage of our revolutionary £5 per day contractor management service and use Marketplace where they pay online recruiters (via Zorce) just 2.5% of the jobseekers basic salary on hire, not the normal 15%-30%.  


How does Marketplace work?

With over a third of hires via recruitment agencies, we know that sourcing hard to find jobseekers can still be difficult and sometimes an experienced recruiter is still required. That's why Zorce engages with a growing community of on-line recruiters (we call Zorcers), who like to source jobseekers yet hated the sales environment and practices of traditional recruitment agencies, so work from home. It's risk-free as Zorce acts as the broker and the employer only pays if the recommended jobseeker starts work. The Zorcer receives 70% of the fee charged, roughly the same commission they'd earn working for an agency.


Who can become a Zorcer?

Anyone can work as a Zorcer and from anywhere. It's free to join, the Zorcer stays anonymous from Zorce with all commission payments paid via PayPal or to a nominated bank account. All that's required is an email address and username. Plus, Zorcers recommend top jobseekers, they don't have to recommend to a specific vacancy.


Why should jobseekers join?

The job market can be a large, confusing and time consuming place. Searching, finding, monitoring, applying, viewing, arranging, rejecting, chasing and referencing is like having another full-time job. Zorce does it all for them; making the full hiring life-cycle a much easier process for all parties. It also means jobseekers are never again overlooked because of the high fees that come with being represented by a recruitment agency. 


Why should employers join?

Employers now have a new, inexpensive, quicker way to find accurately matched jobseekers that's simple to use. It also grows with them along their journey as they can add new skills, job titles, qualifications, alerts and companies they're interested in.  It's one virtual place for everything required to hire great staff. As well as automating the recruitment agency, Zorce offers job board advertising, video interviewing, contractor management and soon, technical and psychometric testing. 


What industry sectors and locations does Zorce work in?

Zorce works across all locations and sectors, however we do advise that Zorce works best with vacancies over £22K as part of the matching algorithm formulas are based on previous work experiences.


How do the matching algorithms work?

Each vacancy uploaded is evaluated to each registered jobseekers profile resulting in a match percentage. The algorithms takes into account everything from salary expectations to industry sector. From location to work experience. The employer selects the match percentage accuracy using a slider and when jobseekers profile equals or betters the percentage the employer and jobseeker are alerted. 


How can Zorce charge just £5 per day for contractors?

Unlike a recruitment agency, Zorce allocates each payment to that individual contractor. When a contractor invoices Zorce, we'll immediately invoice the employer (with £5 day charge on top) and when the employer pays the invoice, we'll immediately pay that individual contractors invoice, even if the employer pays Zorce early. We will not pay another contractors invoice with that payment.