Zorce is not another HR/Recruitment technology website, recruitment agency, applicant tracking system or flat fee multi job board service. It's free, revolutionary and controlled by you - not us. It automates the services of specialist recruitment agencies and combines it with an optional online jobseeker recommendation platform, that anyone can join. The technology will post jobs, search, match, filter, reject, accept, alert, recommend and arrange interviews in seconds, and it grows with you; add skills and job titles as you go, select a different match accuracy % depending on how hard to job is to fill or add companies you're interested in. It means jobseekers now have their own virtual recruiting team, constantly looking for relevant jobs that help them get hired quickly, as they're never again overlooked because of the high fees agencies charge. For employers, it means saving thousands in hiring fees and the opportunity anonymously harness the power of our growing online community of experienced search based recruiters who've left the sector due to the harsh sales environment, yet still want to use their skills to source jobseekers.